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Midnight in the Quarter
The essential oil blend in this soap was inspired by New Orleans' French Quarter. A bit seductive/a bit comforting - but NEVER boring! An exclusive blend of cedar, black pepper, patchouli, clary sage and vetiver.
Louisiana Style
Soaps inspired by my deep love for New Orleans and the great state of Louisiana!
Bayou Blues
A blend of fresh green notes with exotic woods and cajun spice; this is an alluring blend reminiscent of the bayous of Southern Louisiana.

Garden District
An upscale green scent to reflect the stateliness and beauty of this lovely New Orleans' neighborhood.
Cajun  Sunshine
The scent of sweet oranges enhanced by a kick of chili peppers. Aiyee, dat soap smell good!
More subtle than the superkrewe of the same name, this soap is scented with things that I associate with the Roman god of wine and fertility - vetiver, cypress, bergamot, grapes, and peppercorns. Sweet, spicy, and drop-dead sexy!
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