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The Minou
I would like to introduce you to our Minou.

The word 'minou' is French slang for pussycat, and our Minou is blue/grey, so he is 'minou bleu' - our blue kitty!

The term Minou was also used in antebellum New Orleans Creole society as a nickname meaning "Little Dear One" - and this fits perfectly as well!

We came home one evening several years ago to discover an hours-old newborn kitten in our backyard. He was covered in ants and barely alive. We don't know how he got there/who left him, but we took him to the vet and learned how to care for such a tiny kitten - bottle feeding him and doing the things he should have had a mother cat to do for him. It was touch and go for the first couple of months, but our vets said that this was the toughest kitten that they had ever seen - he just refused to give up despite the odds and health issues against him! When we took him in for his Feline Aids/Leukemia test at 3 months old, we knew he tested negative when we heard a cheer go up from the back room, and the staff all came out to love on him!

​In fact, it was one of the vet techs who first called him a little monkey. Being bottle-fed and raised by humans, Minou doesn't really know how to be a cat. Instead he learned to mimic us, and he truly is more monkey than cat! 

So now you know why the logo for Minou Bleu is a monkey!