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Creole Tomato
The crisp, herbacious scent of tomato vines with freshly pureed heirloom tomatoes from my garden in every batch.
​There's nothing like a sno-ball to cool you down in the heat of our Southern summers. These soaps have a touch of menthol to add a little shiver to your shower! Your choice of Bubblegum, Cream of Nectar, or Spearmint scents.
King Cake
​A New Orleans Carnival tradition! A mouth-watering blend of butter, vanilla, cinnamon.....AND sugar! Because y'all know the best part of the the king cake is the icing and crunchy sugar on top!!
Louisiana Style
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​The rougarou (also known as loup-garou) is the Cajun cousin to the werewolf. I decided he should smell of woods, cardamom, and ginger - with a splash of dark Cajun coffee.
Zydeco music is hot, hot, hot!! This soap is scented with - what else? - a spicy blend of jalapenos, cilantro, lime, and sea salt! But don't worry, even though it smells as hot as a Zydeco band, it's still just as mild and soothing to your skin as the rest of my soaps!