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Minou Bleu Soaps
One of the great things about making soap from scratch is the "mad-scientist" aspect! You are actually combining an alkaline (lye) with fatty acids (oils) to create something brand new - a sapon (soap) molecule!! How cool is that?
And the soapmaker is in total control over the properties of the soap by their choice and percentages of oils used!
My soap recipes are the result of over four years of research, testing, and fine-tuning to create amazing soaps that feel decadent and bubbly in the shower and leave your skin feeling healthy, refreshed, and nourished afterward!

My signature soap recipe in a variety of traditional scents as well as some unique scents.
My line of specialty soaps including Sea-Salt Spa Bars and Fisherman's soap.
My signature soap recipe in Louisiana and New Orleans' inspired scents!
My signature soap recipes in scents drawn from Georgia and the rural South!
I have occasionally had people express concern that soap made with lye is harsh, so I'd like to help dispel that myth.
First of all, you can't make soap without lye - it's chemically impossible! And if anyone tells you that they don't use lye to make their soap, they are either woefully misinformed or just shady!!
However...NO lye remains in the finished soap - all the lye combines with the oils during the saponification process! 
Hand-made soap is actually very gentle and mild - much more so than commercial 'soap'!