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Something Wicked This Way Comes
Imagine ominous thunderclouds rolling in over freshly harvested hay fields on an autumn day - you have that foreboding sense of something coming before you even see the first strike of lightning in the distance. I love thunderstorms, and this complex blend of nettle, hay, oak, ozone, and musk perfectly captures that feeling of anticipation when a storm is brewing!
Georgia on My Mind
Dixie Honeysuckle
If you grew up in the South, you probably remember plucking honeysuckle blooms right off the vine to get a taste of that sweet nectar! The smell of honeysuckle is the backdrop to my memories of childhood and I love it to this very day. This soap captures that scent, and I hope that you will love it too! 
Southern Gothic
Eccentric characters, decaying plantation houses, madness and mystery....these are all features of Southern Gothic literature. I think I've captured the essence of this genre with a blend of patchouli, cypress, and just a hint of rose petals.
Chocolate Gravy
This traditional Appalacian Sunday breakfast treat will forever be one of my favorite memories of childhood - my brother Mitchel and I used to fight over the last spoonful to put on our biscuits! The delectable scents of cocoa, sweet milk, butter, and sugar combine to make a truly decadent soap. This one's for you, Mitchel!
When I was a child, my mother Barbara had muscadine vines growing so thick in the trees behind our mailbox that they made an almost solid wall of vine and grapes! As an adult, I have my own wall of muscadines growing along the fence in our backyard. This soap conveys the tart, sweet scent of this Southern treasure!
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