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Room & Linen Spray
A 'mostly' natural alternative to chemical-laden commercial air fresheners! The reason I say 'mostly' is because I chose to use Polysorbate-20 to keep the essential oils blended with the witch hazel/water so you don't have to keep shaking the bottle to keep them mixed together. 
Also a couple of these sprays use fragrance oils instead of essential oils and these are noted with an *.
If you would prefer a totally natural spray for your home, just call or email me and I'll be happy to make one for you without the Polysorbate-20!
I LOVE using these sprays both in the air to make our home smell wonderful, and also to freshen up our pillows and bedding...but what's truly best is knowing that we are NOT breathing in a ton of chemicals!!
4oz   $6.00
Available Scents:
Ingredients: Witch Hazel, distilled water, Polysorbate-20 (to keep the oils dispersed) and fragrance.
  • Summer Court
  • Autumn Court
  • Winter Court
  • Spring Court
  • Court of Dreams*
  • Court of Nightmares*